Sudbury District Restorative Justice operates under the guidance of a board of directors. These volunteers come from the Sudbury District and have experience in working with youth, crime and justice, social work, mental health, and non-profit community. The board meets approximately 10 times a year, inclusive of its annual general meeting, and when fully staffed, consists of twelve people.

If you are interested in volunteering your time as a member of the board, please contact us!

Current Board Members

Board Co-Chair – Hally Willmott

Board Co-Chair & Secretary – Jennifer Kay

Treasurer – Robert Wiley

Director – Janie Pagnutti

Director – Anna Barsanti

Director – Sherri Moroso

Director – Kaely Whillans

Director – Kaarina Ranta

Director – Ella Train

Director – Cynthia Booth

Director – Darrell Rivers

Director – Chelsea Gauthier

Director – Nicole Leclair