Sudbury District Restorative Justice doesn’t operate in a bubble. We’re bolstered by and happy to partner with other agencies in our community. Some of these agencies are…

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Ontario Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services

MCCSS provides funding for programs for youth aged 12-17 inclusive to engage in extra-judicial measures (diversion programs).

Ontario Trillium Foundation

OTF provides program funding for conflict management coaching program, allowing us to develop and expand our offerings to youth.

Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate

Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate provides resources for our Facing Hate programming, allowing us to work with youth demonstrating hate behaviours and ideology.

United Way North East Ontario

United Way North East Ontario provides both operational and program funding, allowing us to create robust and flexible programs to meet the needs of our clientele.

Ontario Youth Court of Justice

The Ontario Youth Court of Justice refers youth aged 12-17 inclusive to participate in SDRJ programming as part of the extra-judicial measures and extra-judicial sanctions programs.

Youth Referral Program

The Youth Referral Program is an interagency program that includes the Greater Sudbury Police Service, Sudbury District Restorative Justice, the John Howard Society, and the Canadian Mental Health Association. The group meets weekly to allow the police service to bring forward cases for pre-charge diversion through the programs offered by all three agencies.

Community Mobilization Sudbury

Community Mobilization Sudbury hosts the Rapid Mobilization Table, a group of 30+ community agencies. They meet twice weekly through the entire year, and bring forward cases where imminent risk or harm is likely.

Greater Sudbury Police Service Logo

Greater Sudbury Police Service

The Greater Sudbury Police refers youth to SDRJ programming through participation in the Youth Referral Program, the Rapid Mobilization Table (part of Community Mobilization Sudbury), and through School Resource Officers.

Ontario Provincial Police logo

Ontario Provincial Police

The Ontario Provincial Police refers youth to SDRJ programs.

John Howard Society

The vision of the John Howard Society is society without crime, and thus the agency works upstream in an effort to prevent crime through the delivery of programs that divert youth and adults from risky and/or criminal behaviours.

Canadian Mental Health Association

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides programming for adults and youth alike. The programs revolve around the mental health of individuals and community, and include one-on-one programming and group programming.

YMCA Northeastern Ontario

Sudbury District Restorative Justice and YMCA Northeastern Ontario are currently collaborating on future grant opportunities that will increase the availability of free programming.