We accept placement students from both universities and colleges. Placement length is determined by the educational facility. What can a placement student learn while working at Sudbury District Restorative Justice?

Social Work / Law Spheres

  • Clerical Skills
    • Case files
    • Consent forms
    • Disclosure forms
    • Agenda and Minutes creation
  • Education
    • Methods to engage with youth
    • Methods and techniques to engage with neurodivergent youth
    • Teaching to groups and individuals
  • “Social Work” Skills
    • Intakes
    • Inter-agency meetings
    • Mediation (group dynamics)
    • One-on-one education/counselling
  • Legal System
    • Youth Court
    • Extrajudicial Measures
    • Diversion Programs
  • Restorative Justice
    • RJ Principles
    • RJ versus Traditional Justice

Other Programs

Depending on agency needs, we have the ability to take placement students from non-social work, non-law programs. For example, we have accepted students from Healthcare Navigation.

Currently, we are looking for placement students who are involved in graphical design, communications, public relations, and education. We encourage individuals identifying as Indigenous, M├ętis, Inuit, Person of Colour, Francophone, Immigrant/Refugee, and LGBTQ to apply for placement or internship to become valuable members of our team.