“My experiences with Restorative Justice (RJ) have involved youth vs youth mediation, parent vs parent mediation, youth vs school mediation and youth vs community mediation. In all cases, RJ conflict mediation produced successful outcomes that helped all participants take accountability for their behaviour and contributed to a safer school and community environment.”

Secondary School

” I thought you might like to know that my little bad-ass questioner of authority is now at the top of his class in his fourth year of neuroscience. He has a couple of profs who want to co-author the original brain development research he’s cooked up for his thesis. Not bad for a kid some educators said was not university material and was more likely to wind up in the pen than in a profession! Thanks again for your hand in helping direct him towards a positive alternative. If you ever need someone to speak for the value of your Restorative Justice (RJ) program, and to finding alternatives to punishment and the criminalization of kids, I’m your girl!”


“I am very happy to report that out of a bad situation something very positive has surfaced. We have come to discover that the young man who damaged our church has revealed himself to be a very fine and hard working individual. I wish to thank Sudbury District Restorative Justice (SDRJ) for making it possible for me to experience the positive effects of Restorative Justice.

Local Parish

“At first I thought there was no way I would have an offender come onto my property to ‘work off’ some of the damages he had caused. But after SDRJ organized a meeting between myself, the young man and his parents I changed my mind and created a specific job for him to help maintain our vehicles throughout the summer. I wanted him to see that our business is part of the community. After he completed his pay back hours we hired him as a summer employee.”

Recreation Business

“Ongoing vandalism was costing us thousands of dollars in damage and negatively impacting our business image. Our customers and trades were disheartened. Restorative Justice (RJ) became involved after a successful investigation by Greater Sudbury Police Service and a meeting was held with myself, one of our supervisors, the seven youth and their parents. It was agreed each youth would work fifty hours of supervised construction over the summer and be a positive ambassador of the construction industry.

It is our belief that RJ is on the right track and that this program will yield positive results for individuals, families and community.

Construction Business