Finger art of people during quarrel.

Sudbury District Restorative Justice offers a one-on-one conflict coaching program which takes place over six sessions. Sessions are free for youth ages 12-17 inclusive and can be conducted in person at SDRJ offices, at public venues, or online using digital communication tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The program is delivered by our trained staff.

This program focuses on youth who have been involved in at-risk behaviour that revolves around conflict. This includes bullying (being bullied or being the bully), racism and hate language, intimate partner conflict, physical altercations, threatening behaviours, and other conflict-oriented incidents that negatively impact social, physical, emotional and mental health.

This program is part of Sudbury District Restorative Justice’s dedication to upstream preventative work, which is designed to assist youth in developing the self-management skills to prevent and manage conflict.