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Sudbury District Restorative Justice has been serving the City of Greater Sudbury, Espanola, Manitoulin Island, and Chapleau for nearly two decades. We currently offer free programs focused on conflict and harm reduction for youth aged 12-17 inclusive, as well as fee for service Tenant Mediation and Eviction Prevention programs for adults.

Mediated Restorative Conferencing

Restorative conferences allow involved parties the opportunity to have their voices heard in a safe and mediated conference. These conferences allow participants to work toward a healing solution. This is a free program offered to youth 12-17 where choices have led to conflict or harm.

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Conflict Coaching

Not all conflicts can be resolved to the satisfaction of all involved participants. Maturity, personal management skills, the ability to take accountability and to forgive can vary by individual. Our conflict coaching program helps youth learn to navigate challenging conflict, learn to set boundaries, acquire self-regulation skills, and make decisions to have a healthy, happy life.

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Battling Housing Insecurity

Housing insecurity can happen to anyone, regardless of income, age, gender, or race. Missed work due to illness, mental health challenges, and conflict can all increase the risk of eviction. We believe communication is key to resolving conflict, and this extends to landlords and tenants. This program helps tenants and landlords work together to find a healthy solution that avoids eviction but resolves the issues that have created housing insecurity.

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