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Agency History


In March 1997, members of the Sudbury community began meeting to look at alternative forms of justice for victims and offenders. The formation of a steering committee, comprised of members of the legal community and law enforcement, representatives of the City of Greater Sudbury, community service providers and concerned members of the public, followed. 


Sudbury District Restorative Justice is a non-profit organization operating with the support of the Ontario government. The Province of Ontario contributed the initial funding, received in 2000, to pilot a restorative justice project in Sudbury. Other sources of funding have followed. At present, we are solely funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.  

Our Vision

Sudbury District Restorative Justice has a vision to help provide a safe place to resolve conflict through restorative justice practices. We work to reduce and prevent crime through community justice conferencing. We work towards a healthy and safe community through the healing of victims, youth, and community.


Our mission is to enable the victims, accused, and the community to resolve the effects of crime and conflict.

Core Values

Our core values centre around:

  • voluntary participation
  • truthful speaking
  • creation of safe and respectful environment
  • positive commitment to repair
  • clarify accountability for harms