Sudbury District Restorative Justice


Jackie Balleny — Executive Director

Jackie Balleny is a retired vice principal of the Rainbow School Board and former chair and member of the SDRJ board. With more than three decades’ experience working with teenagers both as a teacher and as an administrator, strong connections in the community, Jackie helps connect SDRJ to the Sudbury area. She resides in the Sudbury area and continues to work on her passions which include stained glass work, kindness rock painting, other visual arts, and sailing.

MJ Curley — Communications Coordinator

MJ Curley is a graduate of Cambrian College’s Public Relations program. She was born and raised in the Greater Toronto area and relocated to Greater Sudbury for school — and fell in love and stayed in the north. She is passionate about social justice and change, and enjoys writing, photography, spending time with her animals, and hiking in her spare time.

Pina Catalano — Program Coordinator

Pina Catalano is a recent graduate of Cambrian College’s Social Service Worker program. Born and raised in Bruce County she moved up north for schooling. After completing a placement at SDRJ, she fell in love with youth work, and being apart of the change. She is now the Program Coordinator here at SDRJ. The north is perfect for her favourite activities which include hockey, skating, and skiing. She is very excited to be apart of the SDRJ Family!

Celine Rancourt — Bilingual Program Facilitator

Celine is a recent graduate of the Community and Justice Services Program at Cambrian College. A native Francophone born and raised in Sudbury, she has seen the need for social change, and the impact on the community that Youth Workers have. She is now a Bilingual Program Facilitator at SDRJ. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports, helping others, spending time with animals, and making a change in the community.

Mandy Francis — Program Facilitator

Mandy Francis is currently registered at Cambrian College and enrolled in the Social Service Worker Indigenous Specialization program. She is passionate about her kids, the outdoors and Indigenous rights. As someone who identifies as Ojibwe from Whitefish River First-Nation, she has a strong connection to her culture and strives to make a difference every day.

Meet Our Staff – Videos

For International Women’s Day 2023, our Communications Coordinator, Mj Curley, sat down with each member of our staff to allow you to get to know them a little better and gave them the opportunity to share a little bit of wisdom.