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Jackie Balleny — Executive Director

Jackie Balleny is a retired vice principal of the Rainbow School Board and former chair and member of the SDRJ board. With more than three decades’ experience working with teenagers both as a teacher and as an administrator, strong connections in the community, Jackie helps connect SDRJ to the Sudbury area. She resides in the Sudbury area and continues to work on her passions which include stained glass work, kindness rock painting, other visual arts, and sailing.

Stacey Lavallie — Program Coordinator

Stacey Lavallie is a retired community and crime journalist, registered social service worker, and graduate of both Cambrian and Seneca Colleges. She was born and raised in the Greater Sudbury area before spending time working in Sudbury, Toronto, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. She now resides in the Sudbury area where she engages in her passions of all things feline, computer games, and time at the lake.