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“Restorative Justice is a safe way to have a difficult conversation."

~Judge Barry Stuart.


Justice honours the inherent worth of all and is integral to all social structures. In this context, Restorative Justice (RJ) is fundamentally about reparation, healing, accountability, and how people relate to each other. When a person or group has experienced harm or has caused harm, RJ provides a response to that harm that respects the integrity of each person and the communities from which they come. Within this broad understanding, RJ can be interpreted and practiced in a variety of ways and settings. RJ is used to address conflict in schools, workplaces, communities and families. It is also used in the criminal justice sector.

~Canadian Restorative Justice Consortium (CRJC)

Our Services

Community Justice responds to situations of crime and conflict committed by youth through the facilitation of circles; based on the principles of restorative justice.
Crime causes harm and justice should focus on repairing the harm.
The people most affected by the crime should be able to participate in its resolution.
The principle aim of the restorative justice process is to give victims a bigger role, meet their need for information about the reasons for and circumstances of the offence, allow them to be heard and to obtain tangible or symbolic compensation and regain the independence that crime and conflict may have taken away from them.
(Law Commission of Canada, 2003).

Referrals are received by the Regional and local Crown Attorney’s Office, Greater Sudbury Police Service and defence lawyers.

Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process run by a trained third party, called a mediator. Mediation provides a way for participants to talk. It gives the participants a safe forum to explain their perception of the problem, and allows the process of understanding to begin, which in turn will lead to an agreement to find a resolution to the conflict. The process is voluntary.
Mediation is used for community and neighbourhood conflicts for youth between ages 12 to 17 for now.

The circle is a dialogue process that works intentionally to create a safe space to discuss very difficult or painful issues and to find resolutions that serve every member of the circle. The process is based on an assumption of equal worth and dignity for all participants because every participant has gifts to offer in finding a good solution to the problem.
Referrals are received by the general public, Schools, Greater Sudbury Police Service, Sudbury Housing Corporation and the Legal Clinic.


“Restorative Justice is a safe way to have a difficult conversation."

~Judge Barry Stuart.


  • We work toward reducing and preventing crime through Community Justice Conferencing.
  • Help to provide a healthy and safe community through the healing of victims, the accused and the community.
  • Create interventions that are focused on repairing the harm caused by crime while holding the young person accountable for his/her actions
  • An opportunity for a victim and offender to meet face-to-face with a neutral facilitator in order to find a mutually satisfying solution to the offense and its effects.
  • Participants are given a chance to ask questions about the offense, to express their feelings and to negotiate an agreement for repayment of losses when these occur.




There are many great sites on the World Wide Web. We have compiled a list of Websites that we have found to be helpful sources of information. When you click on a link, a new window will open. Close the window when you are ready to return to this page.

Canadian Restorative Justice Consortium

The Canadian Restorative Justice Consortium promotes Restorative Justice at the national level and supports Restorative Justice practitioners, programs, agencies, and networks/associations.


ADR Ontario

The ADR Institute provides information about mediation and arbitration and access to mediators and arbitrators in Ontario.


Greater Sudbury Police Services



Ministry of the Attorney General

The Ministry of the Attorney General is responsible for providing a fair and accessible justice system which reflects the needs of the diverse communities it serves across government and the province.


Ministry of Children and Youth Services

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services envisions an Ontario where children and youth have the best opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.


City of Greater Sudbury

City of Greater Sudbury home on the web.


Social Planning Council of Sudbury

The Social Planning Council of Sudbury is committed to working with community partners to enhance the well being of individuals, families and communities.


About Us



In March of 1997, members of the Sudbury community began meeting to look at alternative forms of justice for victims and offenders. A steering committee comprised of representation from the legal community, law enforcement, The City of Greater Sudbury, community service providers and members of the public was created. In 2004 this steering committee became Sudbury District Restorative Justice, a not for profit, registered charity.


The mission of Sudbury District Restorative Justice is to enable victims, accused and community to resolve the effects of crime and conflict.


  • The Ministry of Children and Youth Service. Youth Justice Services, Northern Region.
  • United Way Centraide North East Ontario/ Nord-est de l'Ontario
  • Fees for service and charitable donations
Donations can be made to:

Sudbury District Restorative Justice
P.O. Box 1423, Station B
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 5K4
Sudbury District Restorative Justice
238 Elm St
Sudbury, ON P3C 1V3

Our Charitable Business Number is BN 86207 5801 RR001. A receipt will be provided for income tax purposes.


Sudbury District Restorative Justice is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. The board is comprised of justice personal and interested citizens. A current board list is available upon request.

Complaints Process

From time to time recipients of service may disagree with the service that is provided for them. All grievances will be handled confidentially and in a timely manner in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution that is fair and equitable to all parties. Please talk with the Executive director about the agency complaints process if you have concerns.

Who do we help?

  • Young persons age 12-17 at time of offense
  • Young persons ready to take responsibility to repair the harm from conflict
  • Court involved first time offense
  • Pre charge measures
  • Post charge sanctions

Who would be involved

  • Willing and voluntary participants
  • The young person
  • Family members of young person
  • Person harmed
  • Family members of the person harmed
  • Community members

Why RJ benefits the community?

  • Shifts ownership for offending behaviour to the community
  • Is a pro-active way to invite the involvement of all affected stakeholders
  • Address the harms done to victims and communities by holding offenders meaningfully accountable for their offenses
  • Strengthen communities and individuals to prevent future crimes

Our community partners

Success Stories

Restorative Justice Hears Crime

“If a tree falls in a forest, with no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” Of course, it is obvious, that a tree falling in a forest would make a sound, but what if there is actually no one around to hear it? The impact of that occurrence cannot be relayed and that lonely tree would be one of many others to have been broken, but not heard. This quote seems to be an almost perfect analogy to what happens with crime. When a person is hurt by crime, they are broken, they fall, and many times, like the tree, no one hears them.. [...]

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