If you are currently seeking volunteer opportunities in the Sudbury District, why not consider Sudbury District Restorative Justice? We offer services to community youths who have caused conflict or harm that allow them to accept responsibility for their actions, seek a way to repair the harm caused by the actions, and help heal the wounds caused.

Working with troubled youth to find a healing, restorative solution to harm where both the offender and victim’s voices are heard is a rewarding alternative to watching youth enter the criminal justice system, where the rule of the day is punitive measures and protection of the state. While the justice system is important, by its nature it is concerned with ensuring the offender is punished so they do not re-offend, and to ensure the public is, as a whole, safe. It does not assist with the healing of harm, both to the offender or the victim.

That’s where SDRJ comes in.

We are currently have three volunteer roles which we are hoping to fill in the immediate future:

English-French written translation specialist. As we begin to roll out a new website for Sudbury District Restorative Justice we want to ensure it serves both our English- and French-speaking communities. Unfortunately at this time we do not have anyone who is able to provide professional-level translation of text. This role is suitable for school students seeking volunteer hours provided that their teacher is willing to review the content to ensure that the translation is accurate and appropriate
French-speaking mediators are being sought for casual volunteerism. Clients of SDRJ are, to date, primarily English-speaking and at this time, none of our team are able to communicate fluently in French. We are seeking a trained, licensed mediator who would be interested in volunteering hours and expertise should a French-speaking client be referred to SDRJ. As this position requires direct involvement with youth, a vulnerable services check (police check) is required.
An Indigenous mediator or Elder are being sought to volunteer their time and expertise to our team. SDRJ does engage with clients with cultural considerations and we wish to ensure that we provide culturally appropriate and sensitive support, mediation, and solutions. We recognize that we are ill-equipped to fully understand the issues and day-to-day experiences of Indigenous youth, and the presence of an Elder or an Indigenous mediator may connect in ways we cannot. As this role requires direct involvement with youth, a vulnerable sectors (police check) is required.

If any of these roles are of interest to you, please contact our Program Coordinator, Stacey Lavallie, via email at sdrj2@outlook.com.