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Sudbury District Restorative Justice/Justice Réparatrice du District de Sudbury currently is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services to provide restorative justice services to youth between the ages of 12-17 inclusive. Our youth programs are provided for free courtesy of this funding.

As of 2020-21, our adult programs are unfunded, and are offered as fee for service. The rates are available on the adult programs page, and are currently below provincial standard.

Sections of Agency Programs

Youth Programs

Mediated Restorative Conferences

Find out more about our youth program, Mediated Restorative Conferencing. The youth who has caused harm and/or conflict meets with the individuals harmed by their actions in a safe, mediated conference with a goal toward healing and repair.

Conflict Management Coaching

A one-on-one, six session program designed to assist youth aged 12-17 inclusive learn skills to manage conflict in a healthy, safe manner.

Theft Education Program

A one-on-one, six session program designed to assist youth aged 12-17 inclusive learn about the deeper impacts of theft and skills to recognize triggers, impulse control, and resisting peer pressure.

Adult Programs

Eviction Prevention

A mediated, services-oriented program for both landlords and tenants to work together to reduce at-risk behaviours, conflicts, and neutralize challenges that make housing precarious.

Housing Dispute Resolution

A mediated conference between tenants designed to resolve conflict that is reducing the enjoyment of hearth and home for other tenants, as well as reducing conflict involving the landlord and/or rental agency.