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Facing Racism

Conflict isn’t a one-size fits all challenge, and as such sometimes our programs, as designed, do not fit the situation. When this happens, we can modify our programs. We have three main modifications, but we can always engage in discussion to see how we can fit your needs.

Customized Programs

Elementary School Presentations

We go into a school for a presentation to an assembly and/or classroom. These presentations flex depending on size, but when are classroom sized often include physical activities that help emphasize the lesson being taught. The lesson is taken from our conflict management program but delivered in age-appropriate language and context.

Secondary School Presentations

We go into a school for a presentation to a classroom. These sessions are either full or half-day in length and include an age- and context-appropriate conflict management lesson as well as a mediated restorative conference (circle) to close the day.

Post-Secondary Presentations

Post-secondary presentations include information about agency vision and mission, history, programming, and the social services database. Depending on the needs of the program/class, we can also include alumnus discussion if our presenter is an alumnus of the post-secondary institution, discussion about the experience of being on a post-secondary placement, et cetera.

Post-Secondary Interns/Placements

We accept placement students from both universities and colleges. Placements are either four months or two months in length and usually take place over the winter or spring semesters. Work includes shadowing and participating in client interactions, record-keeping, agency upkeep, social media, and more. All interns or placement students must have an updated vaccination profile (including COVID-19), a vulnerable sector check (at own cost), and first aid training.