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Facing Hate

Please note: Facing Hate & Racism programs are launching in Autumn 2022. If you'd like to help us create a robust program, please consider taking our survey about hate in Greater Sudbury-Manitoulin.


Facing Hate 1:1

A multi-session, one-on-one program that brings a youth together with an SDRJ facilitator. This program is designed to educate and address behaviours on the part of the youth which would be considered hateful. This program also works with the youth to create skills and develop tools to recognize and abstain from radicalized groups and consumption of radicalized information.

Facing Hate: Conversations

A one- or two-visit program with SDRJ facilitators, presented to a classroom. These presentations are designed to help youth demonstrating radicalized or hateful behaviour understand the harm they cause. This program is an awareness program more than an educational program.

Facing Hate: Today’s HR Presentation is…

A day-long workplace presentation designed to help address workplace issues around hate. This awareness program is designed to supplement programming from human resources and other community agencies who specialize in programming surrounding racism.