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Housing Dispute Resolution

Tenant Dispute Mediation (TDM) is offered as a fee-for-service for adults; if a participating tenant is 17 or younger this program may be subsidized.

A landlord or tenant may request this program to reduce a conflict between tenants when said conflict is causing a toxic or dangerous environment in the building. A mediated restorative conference is facilitated by two trained mediators from Sudbury District Restorative Justice.

As with other mediated conferences offered by SDRJ, the process begins with one-on-one conversations with the participants in the program. These sessions allow mediators to learn about the situation from the speaker’s point of view, how they are feeling and how they were harmed by the situation, what they need to feel safe while proceeding, and what they hope for in terms of outcome. Once all parties have gone through this process, we bring everyone together either in person or via Zoom for a conference that begins with the mediators maintaining a structured conversation.

As the conversation proceeds, the mediators begin to step back, allowing guided but participant-led healing conversation to take place. We attempt to work toward a healing agreement, where the participants spearhead creating an agreement designed to reduce the opportunity for harm and helps heal existing harm and can be agreed upon by all participants. This agreement is registered with the landlord, who may or may not be participating in the process, with all involved parties aware that violating the agreement may result in action on the part of the landlord.

For rates, see Adult Programs.