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Eviction Prevention

The Eviction Prevention Program (EPP) is offered as a fee-for-service for adults; if the tenant is 17 or younger this program may be subsidized. This program can be initiated by either the Landlord or Tenant, but in order for it to be successful, both parties must be willing to participate and work together toward a mediated agreement.

A trained facilitator from Sudbury District Restorative Justice will meet with both the tenant and landlord individually to determine the factors increasing housing instability for the tenant. Once this process is complete the next stage can take multiple forms:

  • Referral to Community Services
    • When the housing insecurity is caused by mental health issues, substance use disorders, safety concerns or legal issues, Sudbury District Restorative Justice may initiate referrals to community partners. These partners may include the Community Legal Clinic, Canadian Mental Health Association, the City of Greater Sudbury through its many departments, the Greater Sudbury Police, Sudbury Area Victim Services, rental-assistance/utility assistance programs, et cetera. When outside referrals are required, we can assist the tenant in navigating applications for social supports. While complementary social services are being sought to support the tenant, the SDRJ team will keep the landlord appraised of the program’s progress.
  • Mediated Restorative Conference
    • When there is conflict between the landlord and tenant, a mediated conference can often open avenues of conversation and create an atmosphere of understanding and respect. By the end of a mediated conference, participants often find themselves with an agreement put in place that can help stabilize housing concerns.
  • Landlord Support
    • Tenants aren’t the only ones who need support. Being a landlord can be emotionally and financially draining and we are able to assist by referring landlords to community services, programs, and partnerships to assist with their struggles.
 For rates, see Adult Programs.