Sudbury District Restorative Justice (SDRJ) Hosts Inaugural Information Night for Project Connect Us at 1960 Paris St

On Wednesday, March 20th, Sudbury District Restorative Justice (SDRJ) proudly hosted its inaugural Information Night for Project Connect Us at 1960 Paris St. The atmosphere was electric, as the gymnasium resonated with the eager anticipation of adults and youth alike, all keen to uncover the essence and impact of this innovative initiative.

“It’s high time we enhance equitable opportunities by removing access barriers and strengthening connections within the community. This will not only raise awareness of available services but also foster better engagement with community members.”

From Jackie Balleny, Executive Director of Sudbury District Restorative Justice

Jackie Balleny, Executive Director of Sudbury District Restorative Justice

Esteemed service providers from various sectors across Sudbury converged at the event to enlighten the residents of what is formally recognized as Rumball Terrace. They showcased an array of programming and services meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of the residents and their families.

Project Connect Us is committed to facilitating direct access to a multitude of essential services. These encompass mental and physical health care, services for newcomers, employment assistance, child wellness programs, and much more. The initiative serves as a conduit, connecting individuals with the resources they require for holistic well-being and personal development.

“I was able to build a strong connection with the Afro Women and Youth Foundation. I learned about their services and what they can offer me and other community members. It was great seeing others make similar connections and collaborate.”

Iffey, Placement Student

Weekly Navigation and Service Spotlight Sessions

In alignment with its mission, SDRJ has established structured sessions to provide personalized guidance and highlight the diverse services available:

  • One-on-One Navigation Sessions: Every Tuesday and Thursday, SDRJ conducts personalized navigation sessions tailored to address specific issues and offer guidance to individuals seeking assistance.Service Spotlight Wednesdays: Each Wednesday, Project Connect Us shines a spotlight on a particular organization, showcasing the unique services they offer and facilitating direct interactions between service providers and community members.

Learn More and Get Involved

For those interested in delving deeper into the myriad of services and opportunities offered by Project Connect Us, we invite you to visit: SDRJ Project Connect Us. Explore, engage, and embark on a journey towards a more connected and empowered community.