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Strategic Plan


Our vision is to help provide a safe space to resolve conflict through Transformative Restorative Justice Dispute Resolution Practices. We forsee opportunities to reduce and prevent crime and work towards a healthy and safe community through the healing of victims, offenders and community.


Our core values centre around: voluntary participation; truthful speaking; the creation of a safe and respectful environment; a positive commitment to repair and a concern to clarify accountability for harms.


Our mission is to enable the victims, accused and the community to resolve the effects of crime and conflict.



  • To acquire stable funding to hire an Executive Director and Frontline mediator
  • To investigate partnership opportunities to deliver programming, maximize financial resources and achieve administrative efficiencies
  • To continue existing operations and programming


  • To expand range of programs to include adult sector and donation for service
  • To improve program metrics i.e. numbers served
  • To improve program visibility in community

3 – 5 YEARS

  • To develop a stronger and more effective ‘voice’ for Restorative Justice practices in our community
  • To develop community partnerships that assist with program delivery and promote diversity, equity and inclusion

5 – 10 YEARS

  • To be the established agency for Transformative Restorative Justice Dispute Resolution practices