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Program Surveys

We collect data from the individuals who participate in our programs so we can provide our board of directors, funding agencies, the government, and ourselves with statistics that help us determine if our programs are creating change, helping heal, and are meeting the needs of our clients.

Before most SDRJ programs, you will be asked to do a pre-survey. This survey allows us to gauge your understanding of the topics covered by the specific program within which you are participating. At the end, we will ask you to do a post-survey so we can see how things have changed.

An experience survey is also sent around this time. This is less about the program information itself, but more about the overall experience while taking the program.

Results are confidential. Before we share any information with our governing bodies or potential funders, we strip away any identifying information. Unless otherwise stated, what you write in opinion questions remains internal.

You will be provided a password in your first and final sessions to complete the surveys, all of which are listed below.

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